This particular piece is themed with autumn style. The main feature is an autumn decoupage on the front door, beautiful reds, copper, pinks, gold, browns and deep purples make up the base color combination. If you are an earth-color person, this piece is for you! 

The inside is lighted. Stenciling details are found on the back of the door, the top shelf and inside the hidden drawer at the bottom. This piece has many unique surprises inside. The finish is metallic and carries a subtle glow, each side is painted with variation of the above-listed colors.

The top is decorated with a blend of copper and brown blend; edged with Greek key symbot wood (Wood-u-bend) trim around four sides. Right now we are searching for the 'right' locking mechanism for the door. The previous owners replaced it with the wrong sized mechanism and we want it to be as PERFECT as possible. 

This is a true art piece for you to live with and enjoy for many years; we assess  the original manufacture was the early 1900's. Does he want to spend the next century with you?

Measures 28.5" H x 18.5" W x 20" D

Obvious flaw: Right rear leg was broken off at one time, the knuckle is sheared off. Key mechanism pending.

Antique Lighted Music Table
USD $ 302.50

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