Here is a piece that was gently restored with original finishes AND new accents. It is better than new! All natural finishes with decoupage inserts and new trims. There is a hanging rod on the top of the wardrobe on the right and four drawers with a shelf above on the left. 

As a restoration piece this, like any other, has its flaws. I believe it's part of its personality. A previous owner tried to fix the stubborn doors with eye hooks, which I left in place. I did mend the doors so they work now and stay shut. 

I removed a plain trim and replaced it with a more decorative one, along with decorating the front carved ovals. This truly sets it apart from others. The finishes are period sensitive and only oils and shellac have been used. 

Can she be yours?

Antique Armoire/Wardrobe ca.1920
USD $ 800.00

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