Life through art...


We are about creating not only beautiful pieces, but we also pride ourselves in a detailed process of furniture refinishing. 


We are selective about pieces that are about to be refinished. We try to choose furniture that, even if it needs repairs, will end in a fantastic result! 


The moment furniture enters our doors it is looked over for obvious damage. Before we make repairs each piece is thoroughly cleaned and prepped. This process may require the use of several types of cleaners from vinegar and water to highly concentrated biodisinfectants (just to be sure).


We avoid taking ANY furniture that may have been carelessly stored with unknown creatures! The piece will not enter our transport vehicle without this inspection and if it appears questionable - we will not take it. Pet hair can be vacuumed of course. 


We consider restoring furniture that is truly antique. Our processes include hand-finishing, period-specific finishes and some pieces are left with their natural 'personality' and history. This might include things from deep scratches to quaint old past repairs.


We do use some clear finishes including shellac & lacquer, while avoiding polyurethanes. Normally you would see water-based acrylic finishes that resist yellowing over time. We also use waxes (natural beeswax, carnauba wax & oils such as hemp and walrus). 


When you get your piece it will come with care instructions. But, let's break this down into the 'whys' of furniture care. Some folks mistakenly believe that wax is polish. The waxes we use range from clear finishing products to gilding, decorative finishes. 


You shouldn't have to 'rewax' your furniture because, after about 30 days the wax has hardened (really hardened!) into its protective finish. When you cover a wax with a store bought polish, it can degrade the wax finish. We always suggest avoiding these products.


Your waxed finish should be beautiful when lightly dusted with a dry or slightly water-dampened (not soaking!) rag to clear any household debris from the surface. You may choose to re-buff your piece for some increased shine, but you should not have to polish with household products. 


We do use polishes under certain circumstances, but they are highly selective, carefully manufactured chemicals that do not break down the protective finish. Talk to us about finishes - we lOVE to talk finishes! ;)


We sometimes paint and enhance furniture with all sorts of artistic flair. You may see styles from chalk-painted, colorful bohemian to Victorian - whatever seems to fit the piece. We often say, "The piece told me what he/she wanted to be." Perhaps it's a stretch to believe that furniture 'speaks' but we're willing to entertain that!


You may ask, "Will you refinsh my own furniture?" and the answer is YES. We will discuss your piece and your vision until a process is agreed upon. We contact you during the process for any problems or questions, to ensure you are going to be fantastically satisfied! Most issues can be resolved easily when we communicate well. 


Sometimes you will get a 'sneak peek' unless you're goal is to be thoroughly surprised at the end (your choice). We DO recommend sneak peeks though - it helps avoid problems and keeps a happy customer! 


We have a local facility where we work. Because I travel states to visit family I consider transporting finished pieces myself which saves a customer a great expense and ensures careful handling. This can be discussed. But, we will ship across the country to the contiguous US gladly~


We hope you will consider Owling Dog for your art piece or restoration. And thank you for being interested in reading more about us. 



Our style is customer-based in design. We believe that sitting down with a client in the early stages of a renovation brings the BEST results. We can create a new wing for you or we can advise you on everything from paint colors to shopping! I especially love kitchen and bath design, have some formal design education; I am a pretty good problem solver as well. Let's talk!



Our first storefront was an art gallery in Massachusetts. There were four of us in the family doing photography. I also paint, though I am more prolific in photography. This website does not have our artwork yet. The original website was hacked in 2020, I have not been able to access it since then. Yes, it was awful and it is still somewhat discouraging, BUT we go on doing the best we can!


In our gallery we would also select other artists to show and present their works. We love artists! I am always interested in seeing someone else's creations and back when we had to store it was such fun to host these people! We even used our gallery for a venue at times; once we hosted a play from the local college (Bridgewater University).


In the past my photographic work was selected for gallery showing in Rockport, MA and Provincetown, MA. I love nature and usually create nature/geography prints. My family presented photography in other genres including travel, exploration and street styles. After moving to PA, it is taking me time to build up my business here. 


Perhaps one day it will all come together. 



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