Struggling with Sadness and Grief

    We are sad to say that our dear son Colin passed away unexpectedly in June. He struggled with long Covid for over a year and he had many mysterious illnessess and health problems. Still, no one anticipated the worst could possibly happen (or we shuddered to think about it aloud). 

    But, the worst did occur and he passed away in his sleep. He was fine after work on a Saturday evening. I had also texted him that morning with no unusual news. Sunday would be his day off. But, he didn't answer texts the next morning which was alarming because he was very good about answering. He realized, because of his health issues we would worry if we didn't hear back in a reasonable time. 

    Colin worked through his illnesses as well as he could. But, he was always exhausted and doing the little things was terribly difficult for him. He tried hard to be healthy; he took vitamins and prescribed medications like clockwork daily. He slept and ate as well as he could. 

    We recently went on a small vacation together in early June and I am blessed that we had that time together. Though he always welcomed me and my kitty cat to stay with him, it's not the same as going away together for a fun time.

    That was the last time I would hug Colin and he would hug me back. He never, ever pulled away from me. He was a generous 'hugger' for his mom. He often worried about me, living alone. He made me carry my phone in my pocket like a 'life alert' in case I fell or got ill. He always asked if I had a warm coat and made sure I had emergency things in my car. When I visited he was usually working when I arrived. He would text his brother or his father and tell them to make sure they fed me. :)

    Colin had a wry sense of humor and adored his family, with whom he was so very close. His brother and dad are devasted as well. Colin was a 'family man.' He loved us, worried about us, wanted us to be close. It meant more than anything to him. 

    Colin was loyal, loving, talented, hard-working and dedicated, extremely bright and had a Godly generosity. His light will ever shine deep in my heart - his heart is my heart after all.  Life will never be the same, though I have faith that we will be together again in Heaven. Please pray for us. 


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