Frustration of Our Times

    Have you noticed that everything changes slowly - then fast?? Inflation isn't helping us and the supply chain is a constant challenge. For me, that means waiting for parts to make the barn into my modest workspace. What doe it mean to you recently?? Tell me in the comments because I would love to commiserate. 

    A bit of less than good news last month meant that the electricity out to the barn was in disrepair and needed to be replaced. Outdoor wiring has increased almost 50% in cost and it's not in stock! It's been a real setback and I have clients with pieces for me to refinish. 

    I ended up purchasing some battery operated tools just for sanding. But, I think it's going to come together soon. Believe me, it's nothing fancy. There is a metal floor, beamed rafters and lots of dust. I've been slowly cleaning spaces, but I'm working in the dark. 

    More better news is, since the original website (owlingdog.com) was hacked last summer, I've begun a new one. I believe we're finally accepted on Google maps for our location. I'm hoping with a new brick and mortar of sorts - I'll start increasing business. You know that saying, 'If you build it, they will come?" I'm hoping they will come HERE. 

    Well, I hope you all are finding enough sustenance out there. I know it's getting harder and more expensive for all of us. Next month, I will tell the story of how we came to have our motto (though I don't really like that term). I'm wishing blessings for all of you, wishing you all good & beautiful things~ 



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