Exciting News!

    Hello 'Almost' Winter!

    What a technologically challenging year it has been! My website was hacked along with the associated emails and business information. All of my artwork posts - including for my coworkers - is gone. I created a new website and it is a work in progress. New email is available, of course. My contacts/receipts are gone. Although I tried working with the Better Business Bureau to see if they could help me recoup information, this was to no avail.

    So, onward and upward. I also lost my  video editing system as it would no longer work. It has taken me weeks to get up to speed on a new (second of tries) one. I'm getting there. It isn't pretty yet, but it's do-able. Then, Facebook closed my Marketplace without explanation. I woke up this morning to find I can no longer do business through them. I have no idea why, but I'm waiting to hear after trying to fight it.

    The person who was working on my barn was hired to make it a space where I could both have a workshop as well as a store front. Well, he took a hefty down payment, came and put up one door - haven't seen him since! Sigh... I can't find a storefront downtown, there are just no empty spaces in my little tourist town. 

    But... the good news! (You KNEW there'd be some!) I am taking on a new product offering for Jim Thorpe, PA! The product will also be available on my website and of course, all my social medias that allow me. I can't be specific yet, but I am so very excited to host these fabulous products!! To be continued...



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